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Tessa Radley      Tessa Radley

Photo credit: Victoria's Portraits

Interesting Facts

  • 50 million readers worldwide
  • 200 million books sold per annum worldwide = 6.6 books per second
  • UK Market leader with a 74% share of the paperback romantic fiction market, which in total is worth more than 54M each year
  • Romantic fiction accounts for 20.5% (vol) of all fiction books purchased at retail in UK
  • 57% of buyers spend 3 hours or more reading during the week
  • If you stacked every book sold in a single day on top of each other, the pile would be 35 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower.
  • If you set out to read all the Harlequin books sold over the past ten years, averaging a little over two hours per book, you would be reading for the next quarter of a million years.
  • The weight of all Harlequin books sold last year would equal the maximum carrying capacity of more than 169 Boeing 747 cargo planes.
Source: Harlequin Mills and Boon Limited
  • Romance fiction accounts for US $1.2 billion in sales in 2004
  • Romance comprises 54.9% of all popular paperback fiction sold in North America
  • There were 2,285 romance titles released in 2004.
Source: Romance Writer's of America