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Q & A


Q & A

Did you sell the first book you wrote?
Definitely not. People often assume that it's pretty easy to write, that the words pour forth and that manuscripts sell easily. For a fortunate few, that is true. I wish I'd been one of them. Truth is, I sweated blood and wrote for six years before I sold. By profession, I'm an attorney and it took me three years of post graduate study and a futher two years of articles before I qualified to practise. Interestingly enough, my writing apprenticeship took longer. That's probably why there are a whole lot more qualified lawyers than published writers out there!

Did you enter many writing contests?
Emma Darcy Yes, lots! I regularly entered contests before I sold—especially in the early years when I started writing—because I found the feedback immensely helpful. I owe a huge thank you to all the hardworking contest coordinators out there—and the people who volunteer to judge contests and the generous souls who sponsor them. The highlight of my contest career wasn't any one win but the double final in the 2004 Emma Darcy Award which landed me personal time with the fabulous Emma Darcy (see photo to right).

And my Golden Heart final in the same year was pretty awesome too!! For buzz and exposure I don't think any contest comes close to the Golden Heart.

What's your favourite indulgence?
Favourite indulgence? Hmm, let me think...Chocolate truffles and green-lipped mussels in white wine sauce. Yum! Actually, Lindt chocolates are pretty high on the list too.

What's your favourite ritual?
Favourite ritual? Watching the Haka. Be it by a rugby league team...


...or by rugby union players...



While the haka is often perceived as a war dance it can also be interpreted to be about female sexuality. Learn more about the haka here.

Uh, that was supposed to be what's your favourite writing ritual?
Oh, writing ritual :)...sorry! Much more boring than the haka, actually. I never don a pink peignoir or recline on the chaise lounge—nor do I burn sandalwood or vanilla incense. I tend to procrastinate a little, checking emails, searching for a notebook that I must have, but if all else fails I grab my Alphasmart and find a place with no computer to distract me and start to type.

Where's your favourite place in the world?
I have lots of favourite places all over the world. Too many to mention. But a couple of days ago the sun was shining and the cold coastal wind had dropped a little, so I got to visit a favourite beach. Click on the link and complete the puzzle to see what I love about it.

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