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Tessa considers herself a reader at heart and discovered books at an early age. Growing up in a world surrounded by Nancy Drew, Ken and Flicka, Cherry Ames, Anne of Green Gables, Bilbo Baggins and the ponies of the Pullein-Thompson sisters, she eventually moved on to reading everything she could lay her hands on and discovered many favourite thriller, literary, fantasy and romance authors.

Tessa Radley Depending on what she was reading, her childhood career dreams veered wildly from the less interesting choices that teachers proposed. Who wanted to be an accountant or architect with the chance of working for the Flying Doctor or living on a ranch in Wyoming or competing as a three-day eventer?

For a short time she even considered the life of a PI until she finally set her sights on a career as a foreign correspondent in Africa. These hopes were dashed when a local newspaper shut down and the journalist cadet scheme she'd planned to attend came to an abrupt end. Instead of becoming a journalist, Tessa ended up with a Bachelor of Arts degree (needless to say one of her majors had to be English Literature!) and later she finally succumbed to completing a Bachelor of Laws degree. Tessa practiced for too many years as an attorney, rising rapidly through the ranks to make partner in a city law firm.

A six month break travelling through Australia with her family, refuelling her imagination and reading tons of books, again fired up the compulsion to write. After spending almost six years honing her craft, Tessa finally sold to Silhouette Desire.

Tessa loves writing books with a little edge and a lot of emotion—the kind she loves to read. Her favourite kind of characters are those caught in seemingly insurmountable circumstances and Tessa wrestles all day long with how to get them in and out of those impossible situations.

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